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    As a hose supplier, I haven't seen you for a long time. Do you remember us?

    Since the end of 2019, we have canceled many abroad exhibitions. Do you still remember us? A hose manufacturer and supplier from China, named Orientflex. Besides online communication with you, we also frequently participant in the offline exhibitions that held in China.

    Due to the influence by the epidemic, it is hard for us to meet sadly. But we believe we can overcome this situation and meet again in the future. Although we can not meet in person now, we still supply quality hoses to you.


    We are experiencing the raw material (PVC, SILICONE) price increasing, also we face the external threats of the power limit policy, but we try the best do not increase too much price for our old clients. It is really hard time for both of us.

    As a hose and hose fittings supplier, we totally understand you that the transportation fee keeps in a high point, and the hose importing cost is rising as well. But we would like to provide our biggest support to you.

    We export 1800 containers to 127 countries annually. It proves our production capability and supplying ability. We have rich experiences on the hose and hose assemblies product. Although current situation looks not good, but we always provide the in time suggestion for you when better time comes.

    As the hose and hose assemblies might not be the only product for you, you might do not have time to focus on the raw material trend and any importing news in China market. But the information we can provide to you. Other suppliers might only focus on the their products but will not tell the whole industry information to you, but we will.


    Besides strong production capability, supplying capability, quality control, competitive pricing, we can also tell you truly industrial news. Even we can not meet each other in a short time, but we are always with you. We can have a voice call or video call if you want. Looking forwards your inquiry.