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    Various Industrial Hoses For Different Application Purposes

    In this piece, we would like to introduce various industrial hoses to you. As a leading industrial manufacturer in China, we have many production lines for various industrial hoses. Categorized by the transferring medium, there are mainly water industrial hose, air industrial hose, oil hose, chemical hose, food delivery hose, material handling hose, dredging hose, hydraulic oil hose, etc.

    For transferring different medium, there are different hose structure and material, which are applied for producing various industrial hoses. Among the various industrial hoses, the popular demanded hose is the water and air industrial hose. It has 10 bar and 20 bar working pressure options.

    Due to the industrial application demands, the industrial hoses are generally produced by the synthetic rubber. The synthetic rubber has good abrasion resistant performance, and it is anti-aging. For water suction needs, the water rubber hoses would have a helix steel wire reinforcement for making the hose be able to take vacuum pressure. 


    Besides water and air industrial hoses, the oil hoses adopted nitrile rubber to produce. Nitrile rubber has a good performance on the oil resistance. Similarly, oil hoses can be produced for satisfying different working pressure demands, including 10 bar, 20 bar, 27.6 bar, and 40 bar. 

    Chemical hoses have smooth surface and corrugated cover options. The inner tube has an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene membrane. So that the chemical hoses can allow to handle 98% of the chemical solvents. 

    For food delivery hoses, the raw material needs to go through a strict quality control process. And we Orientflex produced food hoses are approved by FDA. We only provide quality food hoses to ensure the users health and safety.

    Material handling hoses are commonly used for the construction building and delivering of cement, sand, etc. The application and using environment bring new challenges for the material handling hoses. Thus, the reinforcement will be multi ply heavy duty synthetic cord.


    We have been developed in hose manufacturing industry for more than a decade. We produced industrial hoses quality is acknowledged by our clients from all over the world. If you are looking for any type of industrial hoses, welcome to talk to us.