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    Do you worry about your gas hose failure?

    -No need to worry now: new SS304 steel wire braided gas hose will be used for a long time

    For satisfying the consumers’ needs, all products will update their technology, so do we. We, Orientflex is a leading manufacturer of PVC hoses. One of the popular hose is the PVC gas hoses. Gas hose can be used for the LPG stove, kitchenware, etc. Thus, the gas hoses are very common actually in our daily life.


    The previous production process for the PVC gas hoses, we usually use the high tensile polyester or braided cotton as the hose reinforcement. But now, for extending the using life for the gas hose, we introduce new material PVC steel wire as the reinforcement. You can see from the picture. It will make the PVC hoses more strong.

    Besides the PVC gas hoses, we also provide the hose fittings with the gas hose. The packaging will be customized, we can provide exquisite and independent packaging. Compared with the traditional gas hose, the new gas hoses’ wall thickness increased. Also you can choose one or two layers reinforcement. There are three size specification: 19*9.5mm, 18*9.5mm, 17.1*9.5mm.

    Although the new gas hose has not widely applied in the market, it meet the market trends. Consumers have paid much more attention to the quality rather than only price. Concerning the temperature resistance, the new gas hose is able to withstand -20 to 100 working pressure.

    We see lot of gas hose can not use for a long time, and if it is broken, it might cause the danger. Thus choosing a quality gas hose is important, if your equipment requires the gas hoses or you are the distributor, please talk to us, to get this high quality gas hose. Manufacturer based in China, the price is competitive.