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    Different Materials For Chemical Hose (1)

    Chemical hose is widely used in chemical and oil industry to transfer chemicals, solvents, acid, alkali and other corrosive fluids. Chemical hose can be made from various of materials like PVC, PE, PTFE, NBR, EPDM and others. Then what are the differences among them? Lets talk about it.



    As one of the most popular materials in the world, PVC is used in almost all of the industries and replace of rubber hoses in some applications. As chemical hose, it can resist the corrosion of most of the acid, alkali and salt but it cant resist the corrosion from aromatic hydrocarbon, ketone, ether, chlorinated carbon and hydrocarbon. PVC chemical hose can be used at the temperature of 55for long time and shortly at 60.



    Made and improved from chloridized PVC, CPVC is a kind of white or lemon particle or powder without odour and toxic. After being chloridized, molecular bond of PVC increases irregularly then cause the solubleness and chemical stability increase and then improve the heat, acid, alkali, salt and oxidizing agent resistance. It has similar chemical corrosion resistance with PVC but it can be used at 95for long term and shortly at 110.




    PP (polypropylene) has excellent chemical corrosion resistance. It also resists normal acid except 2 kinds of acid compound nitric acid+sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid+hydrofluoric acid. Its stable to polarity solutions like alcohol, ketone, phenol, aldehyde and hydroxy acid which will not make it swelling. But it could be dissolved and swelled by part of non-polar organic solvents. It can be used at 90for long term and shortly at 110.



    The chemical property of PE is similar to PP but its not smooth than PP on the surface. It can resist lots of solvents and the acid and alkali corrosion but it cant resist oxidizing acid like nitric acid. PE will be oxidized in oxidizing acid environment. PE chemical hose works at 100and shortly up to 120.



    PVDF is mainly used in petrochemical industry, electronics and fluorocarbon coating because of its excellent chemical resistance, chemical stability, processing property and creep property. But it can be corroded by nitric acid, sulfur trioxide, strong alkali amine and ketone. PVDF chemical hose works at 140and reach to 150shortly.


    Today we lean 5 materials for chemical hose, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. In the next article, we will talk about the other 6 materials. Follow us and see what they are and what are the characteristics of them.