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    Different Materials For Chemical Hose (2)

    In the previous article, we talked about the 5 materials for chemical hose. Let me introduce you the last 6 materials.



    Being called The king of plastic, PTFE has excellent cold and heat resistance. It can be used at the temperature from -180to 260for long term. The characteristics of this material are acid resistance, alkali resistance and all of the organic solvents. It will not dissolve in any solvents. In the meantime, PTFE has high temperature resistance and low coefficient of friction, which means it can make the hose transfer fluids smoothly. Besides, its corrosion resistant and has excellent inertness to chemicals and solvents, which make it a proper material for chemical hose.



    FEP is used as the material of chemical hose because its chemical inertness. Similar to PTFE, FEP has excellent chemical stability. It will not be corroded by other chemicals but it will react with chlorine trifluoride in high temperature condition. Besides, it has excellent non-sticky property, which makes the fluids flow smoothly inside the chemical hose. The max working temperature of FEP is 250and shortly reach to 270.



    PFA has outstanding chemical corrosion resistance with excellent conductive property. It has similar chemical medicine resistance with PTFE but has higher creep property, tensile strength and compress strength. Its specially suitable for anti stick and chemical industry in high temperature condition, the max working temperature of which could be 260.




    FPM has excellent heat, oxidation, oil, corrosion and weather resistance and its used in areospace, vehicle, petroleum and household electric appliance. FPM has the best high temperature resistance with silicone. It can work at the temperature 250for long term.



    EPDM is a kind of self-extinguishment rubber. It has excellent aging, weather, ozone, ultraviolet, heat, water, steam, and radiation. When used with other rubbers like NR, NBR, CR or BR, EPDM can be used as antioxygen and antiager. Besides, it is resistant to, acid, alkali, solvents, animal and vegetable oil, alcohol, ketone, chemicals and many others. It can be used at the temperature from -40to 150and can work at 130for long term.



    NBR has excellent oil resistance and heat resistance, which can be used at 120for long term. But it not resist cold weather and water.


    These are the materials that can be used to produce chemical hose but the most popular is EPDM for its unique cost performance. So many materials learned today, do you get them? Follow OrientFlex and get more information.