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    You Shall Consider Such Factors When Buying Industrial Hose

    In the former articles, we learned the industrial hose from material and application. Then When you used an industrial hose, what factors should be considered?


    You should know the diameter of machine or pump which your industrial hose connected to, then choose the hose with relevant inner diameter and outer diameter. If the inner diameter is larger than the machine, they can't be connected well and cause leakage. If the diameter is smaller, the hose can't be connected to the machine. In a word, larger and smaller size will make the hose can't work normally. Besides, you should know the distance between the machine and the working site, then buy the hose in proper length.

    The medium that flow through the hose.

    For the medium, you should make sure it's liquid, gas or solid. If it's gas, you may need an air hose or a steam hose. If you use it to transfer solid, make sure the type and size of it. You may need a material handling hose or a duct hose.

    Tank truck hose (2).jpg

    If it's liquid, make sure it's water, oil or chemical, then choose relevant water hose, oil hose and chemical or composite hose. If it's chemicals like acid, alkali, solvents or corrosion material, you should know the type of chemical and concentration clearly, because the chemical hose or composite hose is customized to resistant to one of the chemicals.

    Besides, you should know the temperature of the medium, higher temperature of the medium will cause the hose lose physical property and then reduce the lifespan.

    Working conditions.

    Know the pressure range of hose clearly, including working pressure, test pressure and burst pressure, then use the hose within the pressure range. If not, it will break the physical property of hose and reduce the working life. What's worse, it may cause the hose burst and then make bad influence to the whole system. You should also know the flow rate because it will affect the pressure. Besides, make sure if there is vacuum, if is, you should choose a vacuum hose to do such work.

    When buying industrial hose, you have to consider the size, medium and work conditions. Is that all? Of course not. There are a lot of things you have to consider. Follow me and see the next.