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    Other Factors Shall Be Considered When Purchasing Industrial Hose

    We introduced the three factors that you have to consider when buying industrial hose, which are size, medium and working conditions. We will learn the other factors this time.

    External Environment

    You should consider that if the hose is used outside and exposed to the environment. You should know if there is ultraviolet and ozone which will harm to the hose. You have to confirm if there is external abrasion and buy the hose with excellent abrasion resistance if there is. You also need to know the external temperature because temperature will straightly affect the hose on strength, elasticity, hardness and lifespan. Besides, you have to avoid chemical or oil touching the hose because they will corrode the hose and affect its lifespan seriously.

    Hose Parameter

    For the hose itself, you should know the characteristics like weight, elasticity, bend radius, electricity conduction and many others. You'd better choose a light hose for convenient transportation and recycle. The bend radius is also matter because the hose may be bent to avoid stable equipment. As for chemical and oil hose, you have to consider the electricity conduction because they may burn or even expose with electricity.

    Tank truck hose (7).jpg


    Normally, the industrial hoses consist of three parts: inner tube, reinforcement and cover. You can ask for the materials and different inner and outer (smooth and wrapped) according to your need. The can require the reinforcement of fibre braid or spiral and require if the hose should be reinforced with steel wire.


    When purchase industrial hose, you should know if you need hose fittings like clamps, camlock, coupling and others. Besides, you should be aware that what kind of nut and bolt you need, male or female.

    Being in hose industry for more than 15 years, OrientFlex is one of the top suppliers in the world. We produce industrial hose with the best raw material and technology, which cause our hoses are of best quality. We offer variety of hoses besides industrial hose like PVC hose, silicone hose, hydraulic hose and dredging hose, as well as hose fittings.

    We offer OEM and ODM service, which means we can customize the hose according to your drawing, design and other requirements. You will find us a professional and reliable partner after once cooperation with us. If you need hoses, just contact us or leave us message on our website. We are ready to offer you the highest products with the best service.