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    How Much Do You Know About Sandblast?

    Sandblast seldom appears in our daily life, but it's an important for industrial use. Before introducing the sandblast hose, let's have a brief introduction of sandblast.

    What is sandblast?

    Sandblast is to clean and coarsen the matric with the impact of high speed sand flow. It's powered by compressed air and spray the materials (copper ore, quartz sand, emery, iron sand) on the surface of workpieces in a high speed, which makes the workpiece outside surface changes in surface or shape. Because of the impact and cutting function of abrasive, the workpiece gets relevant cleanliness and roughness and the mechanical property is improved. This improves the fatigue resistance and strengthens the adhesion between workpiece and coating.

    What means pretreatment before sandblast?

    The pretreatment before sandblast means the necessary treatment before the workpieces being painting. The quality of pretreatment before sandblast deeply affect the adhesion, appearance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and many other aspects. If there is poor pretreatment, the corrosion will continue spread under the coat and make the coat falling. According to the compare, the working life of coat if there is serious clean is 4-6 times than normal clean. The surface clean are usually by solvents, acid, manual tools or power tools.


    What's the importance of sandblast?

    1. Sandblast before coating can remove all of the dirties like rust and set up important rough surface. It can achieve different roughness with different size of sand and increase the adhesion between coating and workpiece, as well makes the bond fast and high quality.

    2. It can remove all of the dirties like scale cinder and oil contamination on the surface of workpiece. It will also improves the the finish and makes the workpiece reveal a uniform and consistent metal color, which makes the workpiece have a nice outlook.

    3. Sandblast can remove the burrs on the surface and makes the workpiece more smooth and increase the grade of workpiece. Sandblast can make small fillet angles in the connection place and makes the workpiece more beautiful and precision.

    4. The mechanical property will be improved. After being sandlbasted, there will be lots of males and females on the surface of mechanical parts, which can store lubricant and improve the lubricate condition and then extend the working life of machine.

    5. For some special used workpieces, sandblast can make them matte in different degrees like polish of stainless steel and plastic workpieces, wooden furniture matte on the surface and paintings on the surface of ground glass.

    After reading this article, do you have a brief understanding of sandblast? Follow OrientFlex and learn more.