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    The Security Problem When Doing Sandblast Work

    In the previous article, we have a brief understanding of sandblast. We know that sandblast is to spray iron sand, quartz sand and many other sands into the surface of workpieces in a very high speed. So there will be security risk that when doing such work, the high speed sand may hurt other equipment or even hurt people.

    Then how to avoid such damage? We introduce the measures in three aspects.

    For the sandblast appliance

    1. There should be obvious marks and other not relevant persons can't work in the sandblast area.

    2. There should not be welding and cutting work on the sandblast equipment.

    3. Check the gasholder, pressure gage and safety valve regularly. Release the dust in the gasholder every two weeks and check the filter in the sand tank every month.

    4. Never change the parts of sandblast equipment at will.

    5. Check all of the connectors and make sure them stable and installed correctly. The sandblast hose should be smooth without leakage. When there is leakage of the sandblast hose, stop the work immediately and change a new one.

    6. Regularly check the abrasion condition of sandblast hose and try to reduce the hose bending times.


    For the operation

    1. There should be shelter in the outlet of sandblast hose to avoid the powder pollution caused by the flying sand.

    2. When loading sands, shut down the inlet valve of sandblast machine and open the discharge valve to discharge the pressure in the machine. After the seal valve falling, do the loading work. Clean the sands around the sealing valve and never stretch your hand to the sealing valve.

    3. You must not do sandblast work beyond the rated pressure.

    4. If the nozzle is blocked, shut down the machine and release the pressure, then dredge the hose and nozzle.

    5. Check if the duct hose and sandblast machine gate are sealing. Open the ducting equipment 5 minutes before sandblast work and stop such work if the ducting equipment failure.

    6. The air compressor should be opened slowly and the pressure should be within 0.8MPa.

    7. After sandblast, the ducting equipment should run more 5 minutes to discharge the dust and keep the area clean. Collect the waste sands together and handle them intensively. Never throw the waste sand at will.

    8. If the sandblast hose burst or there is any other accident, close the air supply valve or general valve.

    9. Shut down the power of sand storage tank and air compressor to make sure the safety.

    For the worker and security

    1. Sandblast worker should make sure all of the preparatory work done and then run the machine with obvious signal.

    2. When doing sandblast work, the relevant person should wear anti-dust glasses, mask, glove and professional protection suit to protect him self. It's not allowed to do such work without any protection clothes.

    3. There should be at least 2 persons when doing sandblast work and never make the spray gun towards another person. Never blow the dust on the human body with compressed air and never use sandblast tools to make joke.

    It will be dangerous if you don't care such questions and even cause person get hurt. So always be careful when doing such work and protect yourself well.