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    • Hydraulic fittings
    • Hydraulic fittings

      Hydraulic fittingsWe supply hydraulic fittingsfor Metric, British, American and Jis systems or custo...
    • Air hose coupling
    • Air hose coupling

      Air hose couplingA Air Hose Coupling a one quarter turn fitting used for attaching hoses and piping ...
    • Storz/Bauer coupling
    • Storz/Bauer coupling

      Bauer type. Very sturdy non symmetrical steel coupling, ideal for rough environments. The male part ...
    • Sandblast Coupling
    • Sandblast Coupling

      Sandblast coupling is used on sand blast hoses. It is durable, strong and engineered to provide grea...
    • Ground Joint Coupling
    • Ground Joint Couplin...

      Ground Joint Threaded Hose Couplings are a three piece female coupling set featuring a hammer lug sw...
    • Strainers
    • Strainers

      Suction hose strainers protect pumps and prevent blockages inside the pump intake hose. Styles inclu...
    • KC Nipple/Hose Mender
    • KC Nipple/Hose Mende...

      KC Nipple is a versatile hose coupling for transitioning from a hose to pipe, equipment, valves or s...
    • Flanges/Ball Valve
    • Flanges/Ball Valve

      A ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to co...
    • Whipcheck Safety Cable
    • Whipcheck Safety Cab...

      We supply two different designs of hose safety cables. 'Whipcheck' Safety Cables have been u...
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